What Parents Are Saying About
Advantage Preschool

"Although there are many people who love Emma, the care and affection you bring to her is beyond words. Thank you for always smiling and offering a hug when Emma walks through the door. You make her feel welcomed, loved and safe. With all your efforts made over the last year, we have seen such a positive transformation in her stories, her vocabulary and more importantly, in her attitude towards building individual relationships with those around her.  Thank you for teaching her songs, and dances, and how to play with other kids. Thank you for giving her back to us with the widest grin on her face when preschool was over, with just the right amount of being tired and her bright blue eyes shining from the day's discoveries.  Most importantly thank you for taking care of her between the hours of 9 – 1.  Because of this we can love her a little more for the rest of the day."

- Dan and Jacqui 

"Three years ago I was looking for a preschool to equip my son at the earliest stages of life with a competitive edge for his future. With a background in education, I understand that I shouldn’t judge the value of a education program on its name. Instead of choosing a Montessori or Waldorf or Regio school, I wanted to choose a truly good program that cultivates a diverse mix of academic skills, while also building good character. I found Advantage Preschool on the Federal Government Prime Minister Awards for Excellence webpage. When we went to the meet and greet, I instantly knew it was the best choice. When my son started at Advantage Preschool, he was shy, spoke minimal English and lacked any social interaction with his peers. You were always patient to listen to his broken English. You helped him learn how to make friends and to be a helper. You instilled in him a strong belief that he has real talents and abilities. We feel that he is receiving excellent care and education during the time we are not with him. He loves going to school each day. He is now getting ready for kindergarten with the ability to read at the grade 1-2 level and friendship making skills. Without your support and encouragement, his success wouldn’t have been possible.  Thank you very much."

- Wendy and Simon

"Thank you for taking in and welcoming our child to Advantage Preschool so warmly and openly. What a wonderful place it has been for our son to learn and grow. We could see the care given and how much both of you pour your hearts out to the children.  We are so lucky to have found this little piece of heaven for our son. We are delighted that he has grown in areas that his previous school did not manage to put adequate attention on - most apparent being his self confidence, self control, and communication. We wish both of you the very best! Continue touching and enriching the little ones minds, hearts and spirits!"

- Joanne and Anton

"This is a simple note of gratitude for you for being a ‘preschool whisperer’ and creating such a safe, respectful space for all our kids. My son has so many tales and adventures to tell after school and he is genuinely happy to go to Advantage each and every day. I had no idea all those years ago when I first dropped off his older sister how much of a positive impact your preschool would have on our family. You both have crafted a tranquil, safe space for so many kids in this vital time of their development. Thank you."

- Heather

"Thank you for sharing your love and passion for education with [Terence and Daniel]. You are truly wonderful teachers. We will miss you."

- Eric and Natalie

"Thank you for the wonderful preschool experience you gave our son. He has grown up so much and we think he especially enjoyed being an “elder” one. We appreciate that we was encouraged to play in a way that offered peaceful and non-sexist alternatives."

- Heather and Bruce

"Thank you very much for being warm, accessible, and caring to our daughter. You have a genuine love for teaching young children. You give her nurturing hugs, paired her up with other children and kept her close until she was ready to engage with an activity.  You have a wealth of ideas to help her ease separation anxiety and language transition during this time of adjustment."

- W and S

Please contact us at 604-435-1263 with any questions!