The "Know" Zone: Calendar Updates, Reminders and Parent Resources

Many busy young gardeners are working on creating a garden mural for our classroom. How does YOUR garden grow?


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Our forest chairs sit empty until March 20th when we will return to play and learn together.



Self-Regulation: More Than A Buzz Word! 

You may be hearing the term "self-regulation" a lot lately, and it's for good reason! Self-regulation is a system of conscious personal management that teaches your developing child to regulate their thoughts, behaviours and feelings. What does mean in our classroom? At Advantage Preschool, we implement self-regulation techniques to help your child:

  • Manage powerful emotions 
  • Pay attention - even when it's hard 
  • Use a number of strategies to reach a goal
  • Share ideas and solve problems together 
  • Be interested and curious
  • Use language to resolve conflicts
  • Struggle through the hard parts to learn something new
  • Take safe physical risks
  • Remember on purpose 
  • Wait for a turn
  • Plan ahead and planning with others
  • Get along with others

If you would like to know more about self-regulation and how to encourage these ideas at home, we are more than happy to help! Please come and talk with us after class one day - our door is always open! 


Special News Bulletin: Robots Taking Over Advantage Preschool!

Our talented team of young robotics experts have been busy creating a team of robots to help us with our daily preschool tasks. Large and small, shiny and not, we are quickly building a fleet of exciting robots ... stop by the classroom and have a look at our creations!

Our Little Artists' Showcase at Bob Prittie Metrotown Library!

Thanks to Bob Prittie Metrotown Library for displaying our fish prints in the Children's Book Section ... Beautiful! 

October News From Advantage Preschool

September has flown by and we are now bundled up and braving the cool damp days of October.  Regardless of whether it is raining, please send your child in boots as the grass is almost always wet now. Some parents find it easiest to buy an inexpensive pair of rubber boots (Superstore/Walmart) and leave them at school. Just a thought!

Our monthly ARENEX visit is THIS THURSDAY October 21. Remember that this is the only month where it does not land on the final Thursday. We look forward to seeing you there at 10:25 am. 

We had an eventful September with homemade apple juice, apple sauce and apple art for all! Have your child show you the classroom walls (our Preschool Gallery!) Did you enjoy our homemade cranberry sauce?

We are now learning about spiders at school, creating webs and learning everything good about them. We are NOT scared of them!! We will be at school on Halloween Day but ask that you NOT send your child in costume. We will not be highlighting the holiday as it becomes a very long difficult day for little ones when celebrations begin in the morning!!  Monday October 31st will be a normal uneventful preschool day. Thank you for your support.

Friday October 28th is the first FUN FRIDAY of the year. You may drop your child off at 4:30 pm and pick them up at 8:30. A fun evening and nutritious supper will be provided. You in turn can enjoy an evening together, at home alone, out running errands, the possibilities are endless. It’s a Win/Win! $30.00 for the evening - please sign up at the desk.

Beginning in November:

Sonic Club: This program runs Mondays from 1:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. beginning in November, and offers personalized individual enrichment for your child, English language skills and kindergarten readiness. Click here or come see us for more information!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Are we meeting your child’s needs, your needs? We appreciate any and all feedback. 

- Laura and Ellen

September News From Advantage Preschool

Hi everyone.  Here is a bit of information to share with you about this year. Let’s start by saying “your kids are SO MUCH FUN!”  We are really looking forward to a great year ahead!

As you know, the last Thursday of every month is our ARENEX visit. We will meet there at promptly at 10:25 am and the children will be dismissed from there at 11:30 am. Please have your child dress comfortably in sweat pants or shorts. The children will be supervised in small groups so you may leave for an hour or stay and watch-your choice!  There are no regular classes on ARENEX days. Next Thursday, September 29 is our first visit!


Preschool is fun…and messy! Please be sure your child is dressed in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  The kids wear aprons during art activities etc. but accidents do happen. It is only necessary to send one piece of fruit or vegetable on Mondays. We collect twenty pieces in all which easily last until cooking Thursdays. No packaged food items. Thanks!

REMINDER: No nuts/peanut butter or juice boxes at school, please!

School starts at 9:00 am each morning. Thank you for waiting outside until we open the door. We need every second to get ready for our morning. 


We participate in the scholastic book club at Advantage Preschool. Every couple of months we will send home a book catalogue. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase books but we have found that generally the books are well chosen and reasonably priced. There will be an order deadline noted on the catalogue and books generally take two weeks to arrive.


Fun Friday! On the last Friday of each month Advantage offers child minding from 4 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This is an opportunity for you to have a break, go out for dinner, or stay home and cherish the silence while your little ones enjoy an evening of fun a school! Cost is $30 per child and includes a nutritious dinner. Fun Fridays will be starting Friday October 28. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board in mid-October.

Sonic Club! Another service we plan to offer this year is after school individual “enrichment” sessions focusing on language and pre-Kindergarten skills. This is a one-hour program after school, one or two days a week. Let us know if you would be interested. These fun sessions were very popular last year!

Here are some important dates this year.

ARENEX:   September 29, October 20 (** NOT the last Thursday), November 24, January 26, February 23, April 27, May 25,

Carousel Theatre - Cat in the Hat: March 9


Oct 10 – Thanksgiving

Dec 19 to Jan 2 - Winter Break

Feb 13 -- Family Day

Marc 13 to 17 - Spring Break

April 17 - Easter Monday

May 22 - Victoria Day

Last day of school - June 22

Please don’t hesitate to approach us with questions or concerns. Communication between home and school is so very important.  Thanks everyone! Laura and Ellen

Our favourite song this month: Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel

Shake your bushy tail!

Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel

Shake your bushy tail!

Wrinkle up your little nose

Hold a nut between your toes!

Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel

Shake your bushy tail!

forest chairs.JPG