Early Learning Program

An excellent way to prepare for full-day Kindergarten, our daily schedule balances free play with more structured activities. Although the schedule is not written in stone and allows for flexibility, it does provide a predictable framework and stability that allows children to manage their time, confidently take risks and take pride in knowing what comes next. 

Our Early Learning Program follows an Emergent Curriculum, based on the student's interests and passions. We, the teachers, may have a general topic we feel would be rewarding for the students to explore, and then introduce materials and experiences related to it as a jumping off point. The curriculum fully emerges as a result of the interaction between the teachers and the children, with both contributing ideas and reacting to them. 

Daily Highlights

  • Free Play

  • Clean-Up Time

  • Snack Time

  • Discovery Time

  • Outdoor play

  • Small Collaborative Group Activities

  • Lunch

  • Literature/Dramatic Arts

  • Dismissal

Hours & Cost

Monday to Thursday
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tuition: $525/month



Daily Highlights

Free Play

Through play, children learn their way. Play is a fundamentally essential activity in every child's growth and development; it is a pre-requisite for learning and an identifiable predictor of later school successes. Through play, children connect their inside and outside worlds as they create their own unique experiences and sense of self. It is a very important step in making sense of their life and community. 


Outdoor Play

This valuable part of the day is spend outdoors exploring the natural wooded landscape, running in the grassy field or mastering the playground equipment - rain or shine!

Literature/Dramatic Arts

This is an opportunity to develop an appreciation for literature and a love of books. Stories In the form of books, poetry, drama, felt boards and puppetry stimulate the imagination and bring stories to life! The group time is concluded with songs, finger plays, a review of the day's activities and plans for tomorrow.


Clean-Up Time

Everyone gets to share in the fun of clean-up time! This responsibility gives children an opportunity to take ownership of their classroom and learn the importance of both taking care of and showing respect for their environment. It helps each student develop a healthy appreciation for their classroom as well as develops organizational skills, problem-solving strategies and how to work cooperatively as a group toward a common goal. 


Collaborative Group Activities

The large groups break off into smaller, more personalized groups for a daily opportunity to work on emerging fine motor and cognitive skills specific to each child. 



After a busy day, the children are individually dismissed by name from the classroom, directly to their parents waiting outside. Under their parent's supervision, some children opt to continue outdoor play at the playground or the forest area, while others prefer to head straight home for some quiet time. 

Discovery Time

This is an exciting teacher-directed time when everyone sits together to enjoy the regular features of interactive group activities. The calendar, weather, Advantage Preschool's literacy program and the "Poem of the Month" are all routine parts of Discovery Time. After these routine activities, the class moves on towards a daily special theme-related activity that highlights various concepts such as math, science and creative arts. 



After washing hands, children bring their own lunch to a spot at one of the classroom tables to eat, and socialize with friends, learning about nutrition and cultivating independence. 

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